About Us

Masfajitas Tex-Mex & Mexican Bar

Our Start

The story of Masfajitas starts much earlier than the inception of the first restaurant. It started with two brothers, Alberto and Mario Sorto, who came to the United States in search for the American Dream. They started with humble beginnings in the restaurant industry as bussers at their Uncle's restaurant. There they worked hard and diligently moved their way through the restaurant, learning the ins and outs of each position. In 1997, when the opportunity arrived, the brothers took what they had learned and opened their very first Masfajitas location in Caldwell, TX. Focusing on creating a family friendly environment and locally focused restaurant, the brothers restaurant quickly became the locals go-to spot in Caldwell. Since then the brothers have continued to open five more locations in Central Texas; Round Rock, College Station, Taylor, Georgetown, and Killeen. With continued dedication to serving great food and drinks, focusing on families, and taking care of the local areas their restaurants reside, Masfajitas looks to continue to satisfy customers for years to come.

Our Values

Providing great Mexican and Tex-Mex inspired food and margaritas, in a family friendly environment, while also supporting a safe and sustainable environment for our employees. These values are at the base of every decision we make. Whether its sourcing our produce locally, making sure our fajitas our seasoned with a house-made blend, or assuring our tortillas are homemade, we make sure to never veer from our values. We have been serving families and locals since 1997. So when you come and visit our restaurant, you'll recognize we have a little experience in how to take care of your family and friends. It's just what we do, and we wouldn't change that for anything. Our values have strengthened our stores and have helped us reach out to each community we have located to. Making sure we always focus attention towards our employees we have created a strong work family that is always ready to lend a helping hand. So next time you and your family are hungry or you and your friends need a night out, we hope you'll give us a chance! Let us show you what we're all about!
Masfajitas Tex-Mex & Mexican Homemade Tortillas